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My name is Alicia Kallman, and I am a transformed follower of Jesus! I also have the privilege and blessing of being a wife and mom of four. As a family, we love outdoor activities- camping in the summer, downhill skiing in the winter, and everything in between.


Motherhood opened my heart to a whole new level of love and joy, but also difficulty and sacrifice. God has given me the incredible life-altering responsibility of loving, serving, and discipling my children daily. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually nurturing their bodies, minds, and hearts can sometimes seem overwhelming, but it is worth the effort! Every seed planted has the potential for God-sized growth, which is why I started writing Hundredfold Devotionals for kids.

In conjunction with the Hundredfold Studies, these devotionals cover the same passages of Scripture in one short, summarized lesson. Each devotional includes a main truth, memory verse, and review questions. The lessons are geared for preschool-aged children but can easily be adapted for younger or older as well. This is a great resource for churches to be able to partner with families in teaching one comprehensive Bible study. My hope is that through the life-changing truths of Scripture, many, from the youngest to the oldest, will encounter the living God and be transformed in their walks with Him.

To download, Click on the study's photo and "add to cart." (Hundredfold materials are free; you will not be charged when you "proceed to checkout.") Happy studying!

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